HTML Table Generator (HTML tool, not CSS)

About the HTML table generator

HTML table is used widely in web pages. HTML table element is consist of a group of sub level tags. How to create a HTML table quickly and easily without a full power editor on hand? This free online table generator is intended to release the headache. Now creation of a table is just a few clicks away. This tool is useful for web designer, developer, blogger and HTML newbie.

Features of the HTML table generator

- full supports to all HTML table tags, including caption, colgroup, col, thead, tbody, tfoot, th, td, tr.
- odd and even rows
- sample data
- custom data
- preview table

How to use the table generator

First, enter number of rows and columns, then choose options of table, click “Generate” button to get your table. Since “width” is not the property of table tag any more in HTML5, when you create a table without sample data, it will look really small in preview mode. This is normal because this generator doesn’t define the width, the table shrink without data fill in.