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About the CSS button generator

This button creator is for web designers, web developers, and HTML and CSS learners. To make a changes on HTML and view the changes instantly. The CSS code generated can be used in your web project directly, or just as a starting point. It is even more useful as an inspiration tool for creative person who’s looking for and trying fresh ideas on UI design.

Features of the button generator

- background: solid or gradient
- font: basic font properties, and text shadow, letter spacing.
- border: border and radius
- box: dimension, padding and box shadow
- custom CSs: input your own CSS to meet very specific needs
- inport HTML: use your HMTL, e.g. including an icon image

How to use the CSS button generator

Using the generator is pretty straight forward. If you want to use your own HTML code, instead of using <input type=”button” />, use <button> with a clasee named “jwd-button”, like the below example: